Predict Customer Demand and Optimize Your Inventory

Shelf Planner’s Inventory Management for WooCommerce solves a retailer’s costliest problem: accurately predicting customers’ daily demand for products.. 

Inventory Management for WooCommerce offers a plug-and-play forecasting engine that helps you optimize your inventory, improve your margins and sell-through, and reduce waste.


Full Shelves. Happy Customers.

Shelf Planner Inventory Management is the first fully integrated Inventory Management app for WooCommerce.
Shelf Planner's intelligent forecasting uses your store’s daily sales data, along with real world considerations like local events, holidays, and weather, to generate perfect, profit-maximizing orders for each product, every day.

Plug 'n Play

No coding required, simply install our plugin to any platform and your good to go.


Shelf Planner gives you a helping hand with all number crunching behind the scenes.


Our machine learning techniques are designed to support decision making, not to take over.

+500 Retailers

Insight from over 500 retailers help us to improve your business and bottom line.


Small business? No worries, our pay-as-you-go model makes it affordable and profitable for all business sizes.

Online Support

Our 24/7 support is there to help with any question you might have.


Sell More. Waste Less.

Increase Sales, Reduce Inventory

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Why Do Sales Go Up?

Understock situations lead to missed sales opportunities.

Because Shelf Planner uses a so called ‘ideal stock’, based on a more accurate sales forecast, Out of Stock situations are reduced and sales increases.

Why Do Profits Go Up?

Overstock situation will ultimately lead to forced markdown and clearances, which is weighing heavy on net margin and profitability.

By reducing overstock situations, sell through at full price increases and net margin improves.


Easy as A-B-C

Create an Acocunt
Step 1

Install Our Plugin.

Shelf Planner is fully integrated with WooCommerce. Simply get your download and install the plugin on your site.

Sell Your Products
Step 2

Sell Your Products.

After installation, our engine analyses your store’s performance and creates a sales forecast based on true demand, market insights and events.

Order Recommendations
Step 3

Boost Your Business.

Our machine learning algorithms create daily replenishment proposals, highlight overstock situations and lost sales, and give insights in profitability.

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Inventory Management for WooCommerce

Shelf Planner is the first and only Inventory Management plugin for WooCommerce that uses advanced Demand and Sales Forecasting.
Get rid of your spreadsheets, Increase profits and save time spent on purchasing inventory
A major milestone for Shelf Planner. Over 500 retailers use Inventory Management for WooCommerce.

Don’t believe us.

Instead, see how over 500 retailers around the world are using Shelf Planner to improve their business.

Join us now and see how we can improve your bottom line!

Buy Better.
Sell More.
Waste Less.

Create an efficient business for a better planet.

Shelf Planner’s next-generation demand planning software capabilities are helping retailers all over the world improve forecast accuracy, which directly correlates to better plans and improved financial performance.

And when a business plans better, it creates operational efficiencies that significantly reduce wastage.