Reduce Waste through automation

Shelf Planner is transforming how retailers all over the world run their stores.
We help our customers significantly increase profits and drastically reduce waste in over 100 countries worldwide.

We believe in a ‘triple win’

Buy Better.
Sell More.
Waste Less.

In doing work that is unreservedly good for customers, consumers, and the environment. 

Shelf Planner’s impact to date is thanks to our inventive, transparent, and growing team who is committed to these shared principles.

Our impact

Nothing makes us prouder than the results we’ve achieved together with our customers and our planet — and we’re just getting started.


hours per weeks saved for buyers and merchants


% Average Increase in Margin for stores using the app


orders processed every day across 78 countries

Our commitment to Social Impact

All companies have a responsibility to act in a sustainable, socially responsible manner to protect our world. 

We believe that even as a startup, we have a significant role to play as our purpose is to help our customers optimise their raw material usage, eliminate wasteful processes, identify labor anomalies, and devise ways to recycle and reuse products at the end of their lifecycle.

At Shelf Planner, Social Impact has always been a fundamental company value, extending beyond product functionality to improve our customer’s sustainability metrics and to inspire and enable our employees to take actions that improve their communities, both locally and globally.

Whether it’s a social impact program that gives back to those in need or a sustainability project that preserves our planet, the importance of being a steward of our world is front and center in everything we do.

We are actively supporting through our initiatives the following

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

To build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Responsible Consumption and Production

To ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Plant a Tree

Tree Nation aims to accelerate forest restoration as a nature-based solution to support communities and the environment. 

For every license we sell at Shelf Planner, we plant 2 trees.

Shelf Planner supports Tree Nation

Have a walk in the Shelf Planner forest

Buy Better.
Sell More.
Waste Less.

Create an efficient business for a better planet.

Shelf Planner’s AI driven demand planning tools are helping retailers all over the world improve forecast accuracy, which directly correlates to better plans and improved financial performance.

And when a business plans better, it creates operational efficiencies that significantly reduce wastage.