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Inventory Management for WooCommerce

Increase profits and save time spent on purchasing inventory


Vendor Management and Order Proposals in real time.

Real-Time Order Proposals for all your Products

Shelf Planner is the first and only Demand Forecasting solution for WooCommerce. 

All of the Shelf Planner reports are integrated in the WooCommerce backend and allow you to boost your store from a single platform. 

Get it right from the start

Combine real-time consumer demand data with smart algorithms to predict the items that are more likely to convert in each location and for each shopper.


Sales Forecast

Demand Sensing

We use machine learning technology in combination with proprietary forecasting algorithms to better understand your demand in real time.

No More Stock Outs


When Shelf Planner creates an accurate forecast, we can optimize your orders. So you will know how much to order and when to order to meet demand, and never order too much.

Adoptable Forecast

Product Segmentation

Understand what items in your inventory make the most profit and which ones are just standing in the way of your success.

Optimize Inventory with Shelf Planner's Stock Management for WooCommerce.

Inventory Maximization

Don’t manage your inventory – maximize it. Shelf Planner makes sure you’re never overstocked or understocked again.

Optimize Inventory with advanced machine learning techniques.

Assortment Optimization

With thousands of SKU’s it’s not easy to always understand how to create the best assortment. We perform ABC and XYZ analyses for you on the fly.

Multi Warehouse Management for WooCommerce

Multichannel Warehousing

Track orders from various sales sources on inventory that is stored at multiple locations, such as marketplaces, ecommerce, retail, and wholesale

WooCommerce User Guides

If you have already installed Shelf Planner and you’re looking for User Guides and instructions, please have a look at our User Guides or You Tube channel.

Plan Better. Reduce Waste.
Create an efficient business for a better planet.

Shelf Planner’s next-generation demand planning software capabilities are helping retailers all over the world improve forecast accuracy, which directly correlates to better plans and improved financial performance.

And when a business plans better, it creates operational efficiencies that significantly reduce wastage.