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AI/ML based replenishment for a coffee roaster

Saving hours every day with AI-based replenishment and ordering


A Berlin based coffee roaster and retailer.


The baristas spent around 3 to 4  hours a day on ordering, managing inventory, forecasting etc. The owner wanted baristas to be more customer-focused.


Shelf Planner’s AI-based demand forecasting and automated replenishment.


With Shelf Planner, the company was able to automate forecasting, replenishment, inventory management and focus on what really matters – their coffee loving customers.

The owner’s love for coffee began when she was just a teenager, working at a local café, mesmerized by the aroma of freshly roasted beans. With time, her fascination evolved into a full-blown obsession with the art of roasting.

She launched an online store, showcasing her handcrafted blends to coffee lovers nationwide. With each bag of coffee sold, the store’s reputation grew and orders flooded in from all over Germany.

As the business expands, balancing supply and demand becomes more complex. Ensuring timely delivery while minimizing transportation costs and maintaining the freshness of the beans presents a logistical challenge, especially as her customer base expands to more remote locations.


Value delivery

Customer benefits

The baristas spent around 3 to 4 hours a day on ordering, managing inventory, forecasting etc. With Shelf Planner, the order recommendations are generated live and hours of time are saved, letting the baristas focus on customers instead of spreadsheets.

KPI's impacted

Sustainability impact

Significant reduction in overstock situations, where coffee is wasted and thrown out.

Systems replaced


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