Shelf Planner Partners with WooCommerce

As per the 1st of June, Shelf Planner partnered with WooCommerce and is now offering the first fully integrated Inventory Management for WooCommerce extension on the WooCommerce Marketplace.

Predict Customer Demand and Optimise Your Inventory

Shelf Planner’s Inventory Management for WooCommerce solves a retailer’s costliest problem: accurately predicting customers’ daily demand for hundreds of products.

Inventory Management for WooCommerce offers a plug-and-play forecasting engine that helps you optimize your inventory, improve your margins and sell-through, and reduce waste.

Our forecasting engine analyses your store’s performance and creates a live order recommendation for every product every day of the week. We use machine learning and proprietary forecasting algorithms, which are typically too expensive or too complex for independent retailers or manufacturers.

Inventory Management for WooCommerce is the first and only plugin that uses advanced demand and sales forecasting. Get rid of your spreadsheets, increase profits, and save time on purchasing inventory.

Don't manage your inventory... Optimise it.

Avoid Lost Sales & Stock Outs

Avoid lost sales and missed opportunities.

Automate Your Replenishment

Get live order proposals for all your products.

Automate Your Buying Processes

Get order proposals for all your products in real time.

How Does it Work?

Inventory Management for WooCommerce predicts and recommends how much to order for all products every day of the week, using machine learning and advanced forecasting logic.

Sales Go Up

Understock situations lead to missed sales opportunities. Out-of-Stock situations are reduced, and sales increase.

Profits Go Up

An overstock situation will ultimately lead to forced markdown and clearances. Reducing overstock situations, sell-through at complete price increases, and net margin improves.



    • Inventory Management

    • Demand Forecasting

    • Automatic Replenishment

    • Advanced Performance Reports

    • Purchase Order Management

    • Supplier Management