WooCommerce Staff Pick

In August 2023, shortly after we launched the Shelf Planner on the WooCommerce market place, the Woo team nominated our extension as their staff favourite. Definitley the start of something nice.

Inventory Management. Simplified.

Shelf Planner aims to transform how retailers all over the world run their stores.
We want to help our customers significantly increase profits, support them in running a profitable business and at the same time, reduce waste in the process.

AI-driven Demand Forecast.

There are countless extensions and plugins offering tools to manage inventory, but Shelf Planner’s extension is the first plugin for WooCommerce using AI and machine learning to improve a store’s performance. 

This new approach, in combination with the seamless integration with the WooCommerce platform made the team at WooCommerce highlight our extension. 

Woo Team picks Inventory Management for WooCommerce as their favourite.

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