A Major Milestone

Thank you!

Special thanks to everyone who supported us right from day one till today.

This week, we reached a major milestone here at Shelf Planner – more than 500 retailers all over the world are now using Shelf Planner to improve their business.

In 2021 we launched on one of the world’s largest ecom platforms – #woocommerce and since then we have helped retailers all over the world to improve their business, buy smarter and reduce waste in the process.

How does it work?
Shelf Planner automates and improves buying processes for retailers and manufacturers, by using predictive forecasting and demand management.
Our powerful engine recommends how much to order for all products for every day of the week, using machine learning and proprietary forecasting logics, tools that normally are either too expensive or way too complex for independent retailers. 

What’s next?
Our vision is to keep providing small businesses with powerful #forecasting and #demandplanning tools and support them in their journey to build sustainable business and inspiring brands.

Later this year, we will launch on several other platforms such as #shopify , #Magento and BigCommerce, so stay tuned!