Selling More with Less

Selling more with less – it sounds too good to be true right?

However, in 2019, we set out to prove that by buying better and smarter, you can increase your sell through, improve your margins and at the same time have less waste and redundant stock at the end of a season.
With 2 pilot customers in Sweden, we developed a prototype of what later would grow into the first automated demand forecasting solution for SME’s.
Today, we have over 300 active stores using Shelf Planner to improve their store’s profitability and optimize their business’ bottom line.

How does it work?

Shelf Planner calculates how much to order for all your products, for every day of the week. Shelf Planner use machine learning in combination with advanced, proprietary forecasting logics to create your forecast and orders.
Technology, that up until now, was unaffordable or unattainable for smaller and independent retailers.

Why Do Sales Go Up?

Understock situations lead to missed sales opportunities.
Because Shelf Planner uses a so called ‘ideal stock’, based on a more accurate sales forecast, Out of Stock situations are reduced and sales increases.

Why Do Profits Go Up?

Overstock situation will ultimately lead to forced markdown and clearances, which is weighing heavy on net margin and profitability.
By reducing overstock situations, sell through at full price increases and net margin improves.

The Result?

Only 6 weeks into the program, our pilot stores already achieved a 20% reduction on stock and improved availability on top selling items to 97%.

Want to see how Shelf Planner can help your business?
Get in touch, or download our free plugin from the WordPress Marketplace, or read more about Replenishment and Demand Forecasting for WooCommerce and see how you can boost your business.